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I smell a little corruption! Metroid Prime Corruption that is. Nintendo has set for Corruption to hit markets this August just one month before the release of Microsoft's highly anticipated Halo 3. Both games are well known for their cult following in the sci fi shooter genre. If sources are correct it will be interesting to see which game sells more copies this Holiday season, assuming Nintendo has finally met its Wii demand.

**Trailers for both Metroid Prime Corruption, and Halo 3 are available at their respective websites**

Special Edition Game Fuel Mountain Dew hits markets today. Be sure to grab a bottle in celebration of Halo 3's record setting pre-orders! Don't forget to taunt your friends with Master Chief in all his Promotional Glory!

DS for Sale

So, I am wanting to sell my DS. I have played it all of 3 times X_X. I have protective coverings on both screens, that were placed before ever being used. Why am I wanting to sell it? well my husband programs for a video game company for a living. So' now I have a DS lite for free to play whenever I want. So, why keep my DS when I have a DS Lite I can play on when I want to? Anywho I have the origional box it came in and all the cords as well. I am wanting $90 for this just because of the Awesome condition it is in. As far as shipping, that depends on where you live. I will ship internationally, but keep in mind once it leaves my hands, I cant control customs. To determine exact shipping, I need your postal zip code. If you have any questions at all, please feel free email me. My addy is in my profile.. If you want pics just let me know and I'll upload some.
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Games for Windows goes Live soon and It's FREE!

Well, technically. For the few of you that might not know what's going on, Games for Windows is suppose to connect with people using and Xbox. This mean that you can play rank matches on Halo 2 on your 360 while your friend can kick your butt using his PC. The best part is this:

"You'll have a single gamertag you can use on either (or both)platforms, and your same friends list, achievements, and messages will all be available to you where you are. And even better, it won't cost any extra coinage - if you’re an Xbox LIVE gold member on Xbox, you’re automatically a Games for Windows – LIVE gold member. It's the same service. You just use your existing gamertag and go."

Halo 2 PC will be out soon and you'll be able to collect Achievements, see your friends, and create new Halo maps, the whole nine yards. Of course, only for the PC version.
The 1st game to REALLY use Games for Windows Live (GWL) will be Shadowrun, which is one of the many games I am truly exited about and can't wait to play it again. Yes...again, as I had the chance to mess around with a beta of it. People will be able to kick my butt using a controller or a keyboard/mouse combo. If you think getting "Pwnd" before hurt, I have the feeling that is going to hurt even more now.

One down side to this is they have yet to mention any type of security towards this. Games for Windows Live seems a good idea and I can't wait to be part of it (Especially since I can use my already paid XBL account), but at the same time, this opens yet another window for people to mod and cheat. Now they don't have to open their Xbox in order to mod, but simple have some program in the background making sure you get the most kills.

The other downside is that now you will have to pay 60 for an XBL game and/or another 60 or more for its PC version. I'm sure EA will have a party with this new addition since they will have PC only stuff and XBOX only stuff for you to unlock and have. It might become another way for companies to make our life miserable for the few that actually care about Achievement points and so on so forth. Let's hope that this only brings good things for us and not the worst in us.

Oh yea! And before I sign off...the 3rd game is Uno O_O. Why? Do people REALLY like to play virtual Uno? I mean, is fun and all, but even the card game after 5 rounds it get's old. Why not Settlers of Catan (Coming soon to an Xbox near you)? But no...We get...Uno *sigh*
What's next Microsoft? Barbie’s Horse Adventure?

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 I want to start a Classic Gaming Club at my school, I can get an approval from the media teacher cause he's a pretty cool guy and he runs the TV room.

I got together a bunch of kids and I dumped my own money into aquiring some NES and SNES systems with a LOT of games, I actually saved a lot of money comapred to outrageous ebay bidders.


I'm just trying to put together a good "Mission Statement" to show its "enrichment and educational values" and why it would be an entity to the school.

Any tips? I have a few BS ideas as well :]
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Halo 3 Beta sign up now live!

Go here NOW!

The official site ( dosnt show anything as of yet. The above link is a link that was posted by bungie in there forums. So if you want a spot, you must sign up there right away!


Edit: The link was posted on the Bungie forums, but we dont know yet if is legit. Sign up early at your own risk.