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Xalaga: A real gamer community.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
At this moment the community is pretty much free of any rules. This might change at any minute, if something happens. I'm still working some minor kinks out of the layout and over all anything else. Any ideas are welcome, but please email me with them. My email can be found on the community's info.

Things you can post:
Video games reviews, news, deals, FAQ, Walktroughs, etc.
Board games
PC games
Video game Icons, banner, themes, moods, drawings, music videos, anything you have created and will like to share with the world.

Off Topics that are aloud to be posted here:
Comic Books

Things that will NEVER be aloud in this community:
Torrent links of ANY type. (post will be deleted right away. If the same person does it again, it would be remove without warning)
No roms.
No links to roms.

For now, feel free to introduce your self and post!

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